First published on 1st April 2010

To support as many people as possible through this coronavirus crisis I’m running free training webinars on the mindset and strategy skills I think are most helpful for us right now.

My goal… to help us all Lead BETTER and Live BIGGER – even through crisis.


Webinars coming up

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The LIVE experience is easily the best, interactive, fun and practical  – But if you can’t make it at the time, register and watch on-demand. 


Webinars to watch on-demand


OPTIMISM – How to stay calm, happy and focused through the coronavirus crisis.

’It’s not the events that happen to us that define our happiness and success, but how we interpret them.’ 

In this session we look at how our brains work to determine how we see life. The opportunity we have to choose how we think. And the impact that has on how we feel and what we do.

We explore why an optimistic mindset could make such a game changing difference through this crisis and even more crucially, how to do it.

From July 2nd (recording from a well-being day workshop)

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ENERGY – How to manage stress, mindset and resilience through the coronavirus crisis

In this 45 min webinar, we look at how stress, our psychology and beliefs work, and how, especially during this coronavirus crisis they can restrict our health, happiness and calm – and we learn a practical tool to manage mindset and tame emotions.

‘How we THINK drives how we FEEL – and how we FEEL drives what we DO’

If we can recognise that our thoughts are just Stories we have the power to change, we can show up energised every day and make the best possible impact on others.

No fluff – Solid science – And a real takeaway to help ourselves and coach others.

From – April 15th

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Here’s a 5 min highlights edit of the webinar to give to a flavour



PURPOSE – How to find meaning, focus and motivation through the coronavirus crisis.

In this webinar, we look at:

– The science and stories behind why Purpose matters, and how to build it. Creating a personal North Star which will guide you even in the toughest of times.

– How now, more than ever, it’s crucial to have a compass to orientate to. A vision of our best self, right life and right work to create meaning and motivation, make decisions, set goals and know what to say ‘Yes’ to and ‘No’ to.

  A tool to take-away and use to create greater clarity of Purpose for yourself, your colleagues, family, friends, teams or business.

From – April 29th

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FOCUS – How to cut through complexity and land your priorities

In this 45 min webinar we:

1. Look at the stories, science and psychology of Focus. Understanding how the brain works to create Focus, and exploring stories of people who create exceptional Focus.

2. Realise that Focus is actually easier than we think if we understand the approach, choose the right mindset and use simple coaching skills.

3. Create your personal BIG 3. Your most important goals for work or life. Learning a Tool to takeaway and use for yourself and to coach Focus in others.

From – June 24th

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Great Leaders Change Lives – How to serve, support and inspire people in tough times

It’s likely the impact of how leaders and organisations support, inspire and coach their people throughout this crisis will last much longer than the crisis itself. If we deeply and genuinely demonstrate our care for our colleagues as human beings first in this difficult moment – we will gain loyalty and engagement back in spades; as well as it being the right thing to do. 

3 things you will learn:

1. The Leadership Problem – Science and stories behind engagement, performance and happiness at work.

2. The Human Problem – Explore what we know about our psychology and the human need for safety. 

3. Some Solutions – Exercises to check-in and see how we’re doing; and ideas and actions to take-away and use immediately. 

From – May 13th

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Here’s a 5 min highlights edit of the webinar to give to a flavour



EVERYDAY CREATIVITY – How to be your creative best in times of challenge and change

In this highly interactive and fun 1 hour webinar with my best friend and Google’s go-to creativity guy we explore:

1. Understanding how our brains work for creativity
2. The right times for you for focused creative work
3. A tool to takeaway and use to change your view of your challenges and generate fresh ideas

From – June 10th

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BULLSEYE – How to stop bad habits, stick to goals that matter and achieve more


At their core, most self-help books preach the same simple mantra: If you want to change your life, you need to start by changing how you think. The assumption goes, if you are not achieving the results you want, the problem lies with YOUR thinking. Sounds perfectly reasonable, doesn’t it? But this CHANGE YOU FIRST approach is overrated, outdated and too dam difficult (but you already know that). It’s time for new approach – an approach that’s backed by seventy years of scientific evidence.

From – May 27th

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Optimism Training Video

I also made this punchy, better produced 30 min Optimism training video as the perfect way to refresh your learning or share the thinking on Optimism



I’m currently running many similar webinar sessions or deeper, longer workshop sessions for teams inside organisations, to help with resilience, wellbeing, happiness and performance – If that could be of interest to you please reach out through the contact page.


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Why ?!?

Normally only available as part of the Live BIG Leadership programme, we have delivered these trainings to tens of thousands of people over the last decade and they’ve honestly changed peoples lives. They are beautifully simple and can be incredibly powerful in the right moment.

I’m sharing headline webinars on them now, with everyone, and for free because I truly believe these are some of the essential skills we need to help us to deal with what’s happening, with less stress, frustration and suffering and more focus, clarity and meaning.  To remain happy, motivated and energised, to be kinder to those around us, and to even learn, grow and achieve through these challenging times.

Stuart Baldwin – Creator Live BIG®