Live BIG® training empowers leaders to be great, do more, go further and realise their full potential.

…Then to learn how to do the same for their people and teams.


From a half day on-ramp workshop… to get a hit of the big ideas. To a two-year leadership development programme… fully learning all of the 6 Powers. Live BIG® training is contemporary, compelling, energetic, fun and utterly human. A blend of workshops and retreats supported by coaching and online tools, it empowers leaders to develop the way they think, feel and act.  To be the happiest, highest performing version of themselves. To build new leadership habits that stick. And to learn how to empower their people to be great and love work.

Whilst the Big Ideas, Powers and Tools of Live BIG are true for all leaders, what changes is how we deliver the training. Designed specifically to meet the unique needs of each organisation, delivery is a little bit different for every programme. But to give you an idea there are 3 tried and tested ways of delivering to we come back to again and again:

Training Options


From a half day on-ramp workshop, to a three day foundations programme. We introduce the big ideas and explore engagement. Then dive into the most relevant powers, learning practical tools to takeaway. The perfect way to start your Live BIG journey.


Embed the principles of Live BIG in a group of leaders. This is an 18-month programme of 4 or more workshops plus coaching. A profound and transformational experience for both companies and individuals.


A series of workshops teaching one Power to every leader across a business. A powerful way to fully embed the principles and practice of Live BIG, one Tool at a time, into the DNA of a company.


Live BIG training is contemporary, casual, energetic, fun and utterly human. It has been designed to feel as far away from stuffy, traditional training as possible – to make sure your leaders leave the room feeling excited about how they can lead better and live bigger every day.

We shoot for learning that builds, layer upon layer towards mastery of the Live BIG Powers. And we work with your ‘live amo’ so you have real conversations and make real plans. Live BIG training is a blend of gritty practice and visceral experience, of ‘ahaa’ moments and a lot of laughter too.

Watch our films for a quick taste of Live BIG training.



Making it stick

Too many training courses inspire us in the moment but then fail to translate into lasting change. That’s why we provide deep and meaningful follow-up support to everyone that completes the Live BIG training, from coaching and action groups, to online training and mailshots. We like to spread the learning so a leader can embed one tool at a time. And we ensure leaders makes achievable commitments to action they are truly excited by…. Life is a game of Inches.



What We Teach

We teach the leadership system that is Live BIG. The training guides you to understand the Big Idea. To make the big idea real by learning the 6 Powers. Then to make each Power stick by becoming skilled in the Tools to build your Live BIG leadership practice.

To help you really understand what Live BIG is, we have tried to make this website as content and video rich as we can. So if you want to explore the content more deeply, how it works and the difference it make, you can here: