Mindset drives 80% our success and determines how we experience our life. The Shift tool is about managing mindset. Helping us to avoid getting sucked in to unnecessary worry, whinging and negativity. And enabling us to focus our mind in the most constructive and empowering way.

The Shift tool teaches 2, key mind-sets:


“It is what it is”

Firstly, the ability to accept ‘it is what it is’; to understand there’s nothing we can do about things we can’t control or to change events of the past, and that worrying or getting frustrated about them will simply make us less effective.

We can use the language: ‘it is what it is’… to let go. Not that you don’t want a situation to change in the future but you simply accept how it is right now without unhelpful negative emotion attached.


What do you want?

And secondly, the ability to manage the stories in our heads. To shift our thinking about these events. To stop worrying and focus on what we want, on outcomes and solutions rather than problems, blame or negativity. When we do, we start to take constructive actions (no matter how small) with the belief our actions will make a difference.

We can use the question: ‘What do you want…  to think, achieve, feel or do?’ To shift our thinking and focus on constrictive things that will empower us to feel stronger and move forwards.



Develop these 2 mindset skills in ourselves. Increase our awareness of how we think and talk moment by moment, to remain resourceful, constructively focused, resilient to problems and happy.


Learn to coach others to Accept it is what it is and Shift their thinking. To focus on what they can do over what they can’t do – and develop an increasingly more constructive mindset.


Develop an energised and optimistic team culture, where everyone takes responsibility for the groups mindset. Choosing to hold each other to a higher standard of Optimism, rather than get dragged down by unnecessary focus on the problems and negativity.