The North Star is a bright star always appearing due north in the sky.  It has historically been used for navigation, to help travellers or people who are lost move forward in the right direction. It was never a destination to reach, but a way follow the right path. So it is with us. We need a story of our best future to set a direction of travel. A vision of our ideal that sits beyond our goals. Something to shoot for, not held back by current realities and not bound by practicality or fear. A why behind what we do that energises us to make decisions, take risks and play big.

The North Star tool coaches us through 3 conversations as an individual, team or organisation:


Exploring how we are different, unique and special, the space that feels most truly us. What we want to be known for and how we can stand out.


Exploring how we want to ideally feel and behave, the culture we want and the impact we want to make on others. What the best version of us looks like and the kind of experience we want to have.


Exploring the difference do we want to make, what we really want to achieve or do. ‘The ding we want to make in the universe’. Our big ideas and aims.



Built by you it clarifies your purpose and is an agreement with yourself of what you care about. It reflects your best future regardless of current challenges or reality. It allows you to make choices and set goals, knowing they are in service of a bigger idea.Having a personal North Star creates a clear direction of travel for your life and work.


Coaching someone to create their clear personal North Star for work, life or both is the single most powerful way to build intrinsic motivation. Having a clear direction of travel takes away frustrations and anxiety, is crucial for developing engagement and empowerment and enables people to set goals they deeply care about.


Created by the group, a team North Star brings people or organisations together in a deep and inspiring conversation to agree what they care about and the future they want to build. With this clear direction of travel they can check in with each other that their actions, behaviours and choices are lined up, and hold each other to this new higher standard.