The Explore tool empowers individuals and teams to first of all think big, escape our natural fixed thinking and fears, and innovate new ideas – without worrying if they are good or bad. Then to build up a small number of those best ideas in to fully rounded concepts, which are only then ready to be judged. If we can hold the judgments until the end, we allow ourselves to play much more openly and see much more possibility in our work and life.

The Explore tool coaches us through 3 stages of thinking:


Create ideas without caring if they are good or bad

The ability to think big and talk rubbish that we all had as children – without the burden of caring if an idea has value.


Develop some in to fully rounded ideas

Great ideas don’t come in a flash of brilliance, but from fully building up the wide-open possibilities we explore.


Decide on a small number to take forward

The secret to creativity, like comedy – is timing. Only once ideas are fully built do we use our critical thinking skills to decide if they are good or bad.



When we free ourselves from the fear of being wrong, we allow ourselves to think big, talk rubbish and explore new ideas. Learning to notice when we are holding ourselves back in our own minds, and letting go, is the key to unlocking our creativity.


Coach creativity in others by asking powerful questions to help them think on a different level, explore areas they might not dare consider if the were not stretched, and try these new ideas on for size. Realising – they have more options than they thought.


The single most powerful way to develop more creativity in a group is to teach people how in meetings. Create an environment without fear, ego or hierarchy and turn group conversations from dull and un-inspired, to exciting and fun, where people feel a sense of possibility, listened to and engaged.