The Big 3 tool empowers individuals and teams to create a small number of simple, clear aims, short and medium term. It’s a conversation that helps us think about what we really want to achieve and identify our most powerful goals.

The Big 3 tool teaches us to think in 3 directions to create clear, punchy and inspiring aims:


Something Bigger

Sometimes we limit our thinking and play small. We need questions that lift the level we are thinking on. Questions that help us identify what we really want and enable us to set bigger goals we are truly motivated to reach.

Good UP questions are: What do you really, really want? Imagine this was perfect in 6 months, what would have changed? If you could do anything what would you do?


Something Smaller

Sometimes we think too conceptually and loosely. We need questions that drill us down in to real and gritty things we want to achieve in the shorter term. Questions that help us identify really practical goals that feel real. Things we can really focus on, grab a hold of, and work towards.

Good DOWN questions are: What’s the single most powerful thing you could focus on to get that? What are the most valuable things to achieve in the next month? Imagine you had made great strides forward in a month, what would you have done?


Something more specific

Sometimes we think too vaguely and non specifically. We need questions that clarify what exactly we mean, what we really want. This is about listening for the grey and vague statements we make and asking questions to take away the grey and make our goals specific and clear.

Good IN questions are: What do you mean by this? Can you be more specific? How many of these? By when? Which people?



Identify the 3 most powerful things for you to focus on right now, short and medium term. A small number of simple, clear aims, short and medium term you are inspired to reach.


Coach individuals to identify their 3 most powerful things to focus on right now, short and medium term. With simple, motivating focus they can be clear about what they want, empowered to find our own route there, and enjoy taking action towards it.


Bring a team together to collectively agree their 3 most powerful short and medium term collective focuses, creating clear lines of sight between the personal, team and organisation Big 3.