Empowering leaders to be great, do more, love work and realise their full potential… Then teach others to do the same.

Thought bubble

Live BIG… is a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small.

It’s an approach to leadership built from our obsessive belief that you have a tonne of capability just waiting to be let out. That you can be happier. Do more. Give more. Go further. Love work. And be the ‘you’ you were born to be. Not just that – but you can empower others to do the same.

So… We teach leaders to Live BIG. Because, when you teach leaders, they teach others. Great leaders change lives.

When leaders choose to serve their people, to dedicate their skills and time to helping them become happier, more successful and better versions of themselves, then work becomes a place that empowers. People turn up every day feeling engaged and excited because they know they are somewhere they are cared about, grown and can make a difference.

Only 1 in 5 people are fully engaged at work – but when they are, they’re over 40% more productive. Organisations that choose to put their people first achieve more, stand out and change their little bit of the world.

The Leadership Problem

In the early 1900s, when guys like Henry Ford were first putting together the corporations of the modern era, they needed a structure and they looked to what they knew – the industrial revolution and the army. So the original corporations were formed as ‘top-down’ hierarchies and their command and control structures became the model for modern business. That’s the style of leadership most leaders learned from their leaders. But that way of leading is badly failing us in our modern world.

Effective contemporary leadership is hugely different to our approaches of the past. Creating engagement and performance in teams today requires leaders to show up every day caring as much about developing their people as all the stuff they have to get done – and to be great at it.


The Human Problem

As human beings we get in our own way. We make life harder than it needs to be. We deny ourselves the happiness and success that we are capable of.

  • Have you ever worried about something that turned out to be irrelevant?
  • Are there things you want that you don’t take much action on, or have clear goals and plans for?
  • Are you able to show up happy and centred every day – squeezing the joy out of life?
  • Do you have a clear sense of purpose and direction in life and work?
  • Are you able to see wide-open possibilities unrestricted by fear or fixed thinking?
  • Do you have thoughts, emotions or behaviours that hold you back from what you are capable of?

Developing the way we think, feel and act enables us to get past those very human things that hold us back and make us play small… Empowering us to Live BIG.



Live BIG® is a gritty leadership practice for forward-thinking organisations that truly care about their people.

6 Powers for leaders to bring out the best in themselves and those they lead. Simple tools to be great, do more, love work and realise your full potential.


…with 6 Powers.