We are increadibly grateful for the kind comments we have recieved over the years. We decided to include as many as we could on this page, not to show off (although maybe a little bit :)… but more because to us it feels like a kind of history of the brilliant people we’ve met and helped. Looking down the page at the faces of all the incredible people we have worked with over the years reminds us that we have made a difference.

Thinking that we’ve touched so many lives helps to fuel our passion to carry on teaching people to Live BIG. But when we think about the future legacy of Live BIG, it won’t be just the number of people we’ve helped that matters, but how many of those people we’ve inspired to make a difference to the lives and work of others.

Amanda Blanc

CEO, AXA Insurance

“I absolutely love Stuart’s passion and enthusiasm. He turns complex subjects, into straight forward things people can take away and use.”

Simon Frowde

Operations Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“After my first session with Stuart I felt like I had been given a super-power. He has developed concepts that are ingeniously simple yet incredibly powerful.”

David Horne

Managing Director, Virgin Trains

“I’ve had incredible feedback again from my Virgin colleagues! It’s a brilliantly different slant on one of our perennial challenges. Thanks too for the gratitude pebble, a great tool for my mindset in life and work :)”

Alec Tarrant

Commercial Director, Claims Consortium Group

“Live Big has been the cornerstone of us achieving Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to work for status, being recognised by the Institute of Customer service as ‘world class’, and achieving Investors in People Gold - all in the same year.”

Joanna Wakefield

Sales Development Manager, Grafton Merchanting GB

“It was blow your socks off brilliant.”

Duncan Pagan

Managing Director, Bluefin

“Everyone should learn Live Big. Our brokers loved it and are better businesses for it.”

Gergana Gueorguieva

Gergana Gueorguieva, Ageas Continental Europe

“Your speech at the Ageas Global Claims Conference left an ever-lasting footprint among our international companies. The crispness of your message meant it easily and emotionally resonated with our leaders from all over the world. We are all inspired to "engage" with our employees and supply chain partners like never before.”

Chris Evans

Head of People and Culture, Claims Consortium Group

“The last 2 days have been an incredible help to me personally. And the conversations I’ve overheard with the rest of the team have been testament to the rejuvenated feeling of ‘we can do this’, both as a group and as individuals. It was very useful for me to be stretched – mentally, physically and spiritually. This training, just like all the other training and coaching we have done, will do huge amounts to shape the rest of my life.”

Mark Heather

Regional Director, Plumbase

“Inspirational, thought provoking and extremely engaging. I cannot emphasis enough the positive effect the work we have done with Stuart is having within our team, it is really powerful stuff and bringing about real change.”

Stuart Ballentyne

Director , SBC Consulting

“Stuart is a brilliant speaker, but there is so much more to him than that. He'll make your business better and your people happier.”

Steve Gelder

CEO, The Gelder Group

“Stuart is one of the UK’s best speakers & trainers. He is also one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. He has been working with the Gelder Group since 2008 & I give him much credit for why the Gelder Group has, without any acquisitions, doubled in size during the past five years. Every MD or CEO I have recommended Stuart to (& there have been many) has made contact to thank me.”

Mick Heaton

Regional Account Manager, Buildbase

“After spending 3 days with Stuart it has completely changed my outlook on life which, is hard to believe in only 3 days. I’ve become aware of how I and others are thinking and feeling… And that awareness enables me to tame my mind and emotions. Stuart has obviously spent years researching this and he puts in in such a simple way. It’s truly been the most effective and useful course I have ever attended and I’m extremely grateful for the experience.”

Andy Williams

Managing Director, Plumbase, Electricbase & JBC

“Live Big has made a huge difference to our people and business - It’s a game changer. I’ve worked with Stuart for over 10 years, across three businesses, and due to his unique, engaging and in all honesty remarkable style he has united our teams, brought clarity to our thinking, and made us better leaders and better people.”

Gary McGowan

General Manager, Smith Brothers

“The best days I ever had in the company. The entire process has been ‘life changing'.”

Rik Pepper

Operations Director, Plumbase

“If Carlsberg did engagement this would be the one…. Stuart takes the treacle out of stereotypical leadership, and leaves you with clear, simple tools for to the modern workplace. Live Big has had a massive impact on my own development, and hugely increased the engagement of our teams.”

Simon Frowde

Operations Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“This was an awesome experience. A massive thank you for the last couple of days! We’ve been stretched mentally and physically; and I can't wait to put our new improved skills in to practice. I am both exhausted and overflowing with energy, a very weird but good sensation. It’s been an experience that I will never forget and massively inspiring.”

Jeremy Hyams

CEO, Claims Consortium Group

“Love the work you do. You have made a huge impact on our business.”

Shaun Lyons

Sales Development Manager, Plumbase

“Best training I have ever done in my 22 years of working. I wished I was there for longer.”

Tim Godson

Partner, Duncan & Toplis

“Feedback was incredible. People were rating it 11 out of 10.”

Martin Hastings

Managing Director, Plumbase Industrial, T.G. Lynes & Booles

“A fantastic journey that has given a real insight into "me" and the "me" I want to be.”

Gavin Nesbitt

Regional Manager, Plumbase

“I'm loving using the 4 Questions - it’s making work so much easier - I keep thinking ‘should it be this easy’.”

Sarah Gray

Team Leader, Make it Cheaper

“I absolutely LOVE this training! Without a doubt the most effective training I have been on. Really enjoying it and sooooo good to get practical tools to use.”

Ben Middleton

Marketing Manager, Grafton Merchanting GB

“Great programme – some real game changing stuff in there for me.”

Nick Turner

Professional Services Director, Claims Consortium Group

“We were awarded the Investors in People Gold today. Your work with us was crucial to getting us there. Thank you.”

Debbie Mawer

Director of People and Culture, Claims Consortium Group

“Thank you. You have changed (and will continue to change) our business for the better.”

Sarah Bryan

HR Lead, Skanska

“Best day I have ever had at work.”

Nick Eggbeer

Supplier Services Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I wanted to say how much I appreciate the work we have been doing over the last few years. And the last few days, going deep in to the energy power has been immense - and is going to set me on an amazing path. Thank you.”

Martin Vaughan

Branch Manager, Buildbase

“I can't begin to explain how valuable this training and coaching has been for me. Highly recommend. This course will make a massive difference to your life and leadership…#livebig”

Rob Smale

Claims Director, Ageas Insurance Ltd.

“Stuart’s speech was highly engaging with many of our leaders commenting on how much they loved it.”

Roger Galbraith

Area Director, Lloyds Banking Group

“You hit the mark again as you always do. Our guys loved it and left lifted, thinking and inspired.”

Paul Nightingale

Director, Direct Line Group

“Your session was engaging, thought provoking and brilliantly received by our team.”

Matthew Reed

Managing Director, AXA

“Live Big gave us a framework to leadership with new ideas to implement and the motivation to do more of what is working.”

Jerry Guscott

BBC Pundit and England Rugby Legend

“Let Stuart be your Live Big guru… His work will change your thinking and ramp up the Performance, Engagement and Happiness of your people.”

Dan Harvey

Team Leader, Gett

“Really happy that in the first 2 weeks in my new role I have been able to set Big 3s for the people I serve. Massive thanks for helping me see the value in measurable goal setting!”

Charlie Hastings

Manager, Your Life Care Solutions

“Thank you for the training. It was fab. After feeling desperate for so long, I feel like I CAN make positive decisions in my life. Maybe I was more desperate than others for changes and after trying self help books, perhaps having someone teach it to me was what I needed, whatever, I Loved it. I feel really happy tonight.”

Neil Gibson

Director, Cunningham Lindsey

“A year on, our scores are up by 60%. The major factor behind this was the quality of your workshops.”

Ian Jones

Managing Director, Azendi

“Stuart will teach your leaders the skills to bring out the best in their people, this is modern, rigorous and highly effective stuff.”

Tom Speight

Head of Training, BBC

“Stuart’s ability to get Managing Editors to think differently, to think about possibilities (rather than impossibilities) and to question what they do was excellent.”

Geoff Ball

Director, Cunningham Lindsey

“Stuart kept 500 people interested and motivated for two days.”

Hannah Johns

HR Manager, Your Life Care Solutions

“Both days were full of eye openers, penny drop moments and realisation that actually I can do this. Top banana training.”

Damian Walker

Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“Live Big is the single best training I’ve had in my life. It has helped so much, in work and outside work.”

Gavin Nesbitt

Regional Manager, Plumbase

“Monday I had a really difficult situation. Massive conflict between two managers, both ready to put their notice in. A 4 Questions, clear the air talk later…. everyone is shaking hands, all happy, with scheduled monthly meetings together for the rest of the year. I’ve had both of them on separate calls thanking me and both have got their MOJO back. Big lesson - it can be easier than we think.”

Matthew Porter

CEO, Innovation Group

“I saw you speak at ILC and thought you were terrific. Engaging, interesting and thought provoking. A real breath of fresh air.”

Guy Johnson

Director, Highways Adjusting

“I was at ILC earlier today and I just wanted to say I thought your presentation was sensational.”

Jeremy Hyams

CEO, Claims Consortium Group

“We had the most amazing result at the Sunday Times Best 100 Companies to Work For. 9th in giving something back. 24th in well being. 35th in leadership. And 46 overall!. Live Big has played a huge part in us achieving this. The Powers have given our leaders the tools to be great coaches and develop empowerment, happiness and engagement in our teams. Stuart! I want to thank you. You have personally played a major role in our success and am very grateful for your wise counsel.”

Liam Tunney

Sales Director, Make it Cheaper

“We had a brilliant return on investment from the Focus training. We could immediately see how great goals had driven the teams energy and engagement up. And could directly track the training to an increase in sales numbers.”

Laura Smith

Business Development Manager, Hawthorn Estates

“The Big 3 session not only made me think about where our business is now and where we want to be… It also made me think about where I want to be (which for me is a far greater challenge). Your engagement during the workshop has empowered me to truly consider mine and the business’s future. I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Phil Loaring

Owner, Loaring Development

“I found the last two days remarkable. It has opened my eyes to so much that I've never even thought about. I have my clear Big 3 goals set for the business, feel incredibly energised, and am ready to move forward. Would highly recommend this work to anyone.”

Simon Frowde

Operations Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I have been practicing the 4 questions tool for the last 2 years and as I refine my own technique the results get stronger and stronger. There is nothing better than watching a group or an individual coming up with a solution to a problem they had previously thought unconquerable.”

Damian Walker

Service Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“My team leaders and myself had an amazing group Great at, Grow at and 4 Questions session last week, which whilst brutal at times, we all agreed we’d bonded more as result. We all came out with clear things to work on - grow at-s to improve and great at-s to keep doing.”

Sam Andrews

Finance Manager, Grafton Merchanting GB

“Thank you Stuart! The Energy power has been life changing for me! I have never truly accepted that it is ok for me to look after myself first before and I could see how my attitude changed over the three days. I am already leading a happier life and have committed to use the tools every day.”

Stephen Bullock

Accounts Director, GSCS

“It’s made my life completely different, I’m less stressed more confident and my guys are doing more. The stories tool has changed the way we look at things, increasing our morale and productivity. The way we now deal with deadlines and hard tasks from a different angle has made us productive and reduced stress. Less Stress = Happier Workplace.”

Shaun Lyons

Sales Development Manager, Plumbase

“I loved every minute and have walked away with some great tools to manage my thoughts in life and work which I am already putting into everyday practice. I enjoyed the two days so much I wish I was there for longer. I am so grateful and will continue to be the best me. In the 22 years of working in merchants this is the best training I have ever done.”

Craig Tarrant

Branch Manager, Buildbase

“Just wanted to say thank you, I can’t believe how much of a positive effect the 3 days with you and the follow up coaching has made on me, I have been in a low place with personal and work worries and had lost all confidence in myself. I can’t believe how much better I feel, everyone has noticed family, friends and work colleagues, I have my spring back in my step and my head is held high with confidence, nothing fazes me any more, I take life in my stride and enjoy a happy home life and work. Everything feels positive. I am enjoying being an engagement leader and its great making people feel great in their work.”

Greg Loudon

Branch Manager, Buildbase

“The Optimism training has changed everything. The release is incredible… there is a remarkable freedom from just being able to say ‘I don’t need to think about this any more because I can’t change it and its just causing unnecessary stress’. I’m also able to see that release in other people now that I have learned how to coach them to change their mindset… This is hugely satisfying.”

David Ahearne

Sales Manager, Grafton

“My life has changed! I’m really into it! The Optimism training was incredible. I’m happier, calmer, better with my family – And your “Jedi Shit” Has made me stop swearing! You B#?%&#D!”

Damian Walker

Service Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I’ve coached out my first North Star today and it went like a dream. It was a great quality conversation, fascinating to hear what she said and great to feel her motivation and energy at the end of it.”

Damian Bailey

Manager Civils and Lintels, Grafton Merchanting GB

“My wife has recently taken up her first managerial post and we ended up talking about the North Star tool you taught us and how it can help build and unify teams. That night we went on your website and I talked it though with her. She says it has hugely helped her and her team - which is amazing. I’ve been on lots of courses where the learning is forgotten within a week but your stuff really lives on in me – and great to be able to pass it on.”

Matt Ambrose

Head of Business Change, Claims Consortium Group

“Thank you again for a truly inspirational and powerful couple of days. I’m looking forward to the 1-2-1 coaching and developing further and honing my skills in the Powers.”

Victoria Elliot

Account Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“Brilliant few days taking part in some powerful, motivating training which was enjoyable but also very challenging. We have all been put through our paces but it was incredibly useful, lots of fun and very memorable… LIVE BIG!!!”

Jim Emery-Burns

Technical Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“A big thank you for the past couple of days learning about the Powers and how to develop not only my team but myself and what I can give to my team. This was a great experience and I look forward to what we learn next in the follow up sessions. My mind has been opened by the experience and already feel a bit more clarity. Thank you and I will be promoting Live Big!!”

Damian Walker

Service Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I’ve coached out my first Sweet Spot last week, it went like a dream. So exciting to see how people come to life when they realise who they really are and what incredible strengths they have.”

Andrew Ingram

General Manager, TG Lynes

“Just wanted to say thank you again for the last two days, absolutely inspiring and thought provoking. And the opportunity to get on the phone and be coached by you is brilliant, helping me make some real insights and challenging me to take some tough actions.”

Martin Bull

Senior Category Manager, Grafton Merchanting GB

“Thanks again for the last couple of days, I found it really interesting and enjoyable. What we explored allowed me to see how I slip into old ways, which are not good for me or those around me (at work or home.) I genuinely want to put this in to practice as I know it will help me work through some of my current issues but more importantly help me and my development.”

Chris Davis

Regional Manager, Buildbase

“It's been such a benefit it's been unbelievable - Best course I've ever been. After learning the Action power I’m giving my people space and time come up with ideas themselves. Managers are coming up with such good answers, so easily and taking real responsibility and ownership now.”

Tim Fuller

Owner and Leadership Trainer, Reality Business

“Talking to some of our delegates, they said "it's clear that he's absolutely passionate about what he talks about… the complete opposite to being false". And for me that's your USP - there's loads of people out there touting the originality of what they do but there are very few of is people who genuinely believe and genuinely care.”

Kirsty Miller

Acquisitions & Integrations, Grafton Merchanting GB

“I’ve done many courses over the years and I have to say I feel yours is going to be one of the most practical to be able to put into reality in both my work and personal life. Thank you so much.”

Craig Pearce

Marketing Manager, Grafton Merchanting GB

“The sessions and the follow up coaching were brilliant, I took so much away from it that will help make me a stronger leader and person.”

Chris Sully

Service Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I loved the last two days. Your passion is so infectious, I'm kind of left wanting more lol… thank god for the coaching :)”

Cath Marks

Director of Marketing, Recruitment, Internationalisation and Development, Swansea University

“A huge thank you for engaging the team so well during our conference. All have been inspired by your energy, thought provoking material and presence - Can’t wait to go deeper and help the team Live Bigger!!”

Sabine Vilumsone

Admissions Manager , Swansea University

“Just to say - amazing job today in our Marketing conference, truly enjoyed my day. You were brilliant.”

Chic Friskey

Director, Donaldson Group

“I have come back our business and already started making changes and arranged meetings. Feel more energised and connected with all people within business than ever.”

Barrie Clark

Head of UK Recruitment, Swansea University

“As a lifelong Eeyore I am now resolved to tell myself some different stories. Like many Eeyores I guess, I approached the start of the day somewhat sceptical, but quickly realised how genuinely helpful your approach is. I hope to employ some of your approaches to help our family move on from some recent challenges and of course they will be of considerable help at work too.”

Mark Skippen

Head of Marketing Intelligence, Swansea University

“Thanks for yesterday. Your session touched upon several issues I have been facing recently at home and work. I found your approach really helpful and appreciated the practical activities you suggested as well. I think I will keep my stone in my pocket for quite sometime!”

Siân Impey

Head of International Development Office, Swansea University

“Thanks for a fabulous session this morning. I got lots out of it and I know my team did too. The energy was fantastic. I am sure we will see you again soon!”

Dan Whitbread

Regional Manager, Claims Consortium Group

“I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing couple of days. Your videos that I watched over and over were a massive part of my career progression. The skills I have learned will not only help me to progress professionally but also personally outside of work, and for that, I thank you.”

Andy Mead

Team Leader, Tesco Insurance

“I must be completely honest I was very sceptical of this course before I attended. Wow I was 100% incorrect. I have a completely different outlook now with the belief and ability to look at everything deeper and clearer. I want to thank you as I have used my new skills already at work and they have been a huge success. I find better outcomes for my team but also coach them how they are empowered to think and act for themselves.”

Stephen McLauchlan

Key Account Manager, Plumbase

“Thanking you for two excellent days it really opened my mind. I’m excited to implement what I have learnt in my work and private life.”

James Black

Lead Sales Development Manager, Plumbase, North Region

“Thank you again for a great couple of inspirational and inspiring days, I really enjoyed it and am already using the tools.”

Neil Jarman

New Build Development Director, Plumbase

“I'm on a real high and thoroughly enjoyed it! I look forward to putting what I have learnt into practice. And to going deeper through the coaching.”

Martin Down

Sales Manager, Plumbase

“Thanks so much Stuart. Those 2 days were brilliant and the best training I have been on.”

Jez Creasey

Sales Development Manager, Plumbase

“I’m 50 and have learned more in one day with you that every other course I’ve been on added together……. I have attended many training courses over the last 25 years, mostly during my time with BT; which were “ok”; but soon forgotten! - Your course I will never forget – loved it! Also… Ian told me last night, as he arrived home after the four and half car journey, “his chimp didn’t awake”, now that is a result given his lifetime of natural road rage whenever he gets behind the wheel!”

Gareth Williams

Sales Development Manager, Plumbase

“Only guy who has ever kept my attention for 2 days :) Thank you for the amazing training, it was extremely insightful and am certain I will benefit and use so much from it not only in work but in life as a whole. Once again thank you, by far the best training course I have ever attended!!”

Mubashar Hussain

Owner, Cure Restoration

“Just wanted to say what a fantastic day it was. We've had some really positive feedback from everybody who came and, the guys all said that they feel more like a team than ever before.”

Damon George

Sales Manager, Plumbase

“What can I say other than fantastic… really opened my mind. I will use the what i learned every day and it will help me also in my personal life. Best course I've been on in 25 years of work.”

Roy Shevlin

Building Consultancy Services Director, Cunningham Lindsey

“Most speakers communicate well, a few can make you feel so comfortable that you are convinced you have known them for ages Stuart is the only speaker I know who can make an entire audience so comfortable. The result is far greater participation and a higher level of learning for everyone involved.”

John O’Neill

Special Projects Director, Cunningham Lindsey

“Stuart's ideas and creative flair turned our series of corporate events into something that will be etched in the memory of all who attended for years to come. I love the way he connects with and engages audiences - Just brilliant.”

Keith Hayes

Branch Manager, Jackson Building Centres

“Every aspect of Stuart’s training has helped me as an individual learn more about management, life, people and myself. It is the only training I have had in 18 years that has truly led to discovery, in so many ways.”

Paul Sharman

Branch Manager, Jackson Building Centres

“I just wanted to say that the day we had on 'Focus' was by far and away the most inspirational days training I have ever been on and along with the follow up coaching session will I'm sure help me in my personal life as well as work life - thanks very much.”

Wayne Stocks

Branch Manager, Jackson Building Centres

“Best course I have ever been on, and probably bored most of my staff with telling them about it and how good it was. It has really helped me focus on parts of the business that are important and I seem to get through more work now I’m using the Big 3 tool.”

Aiden Williams

Branch Manager, Jackson Building Centres

“Definitely the best training I have had. The learning is extremely powerful, practical, and thought provoking, in a relaxed and fun atmosphere. It has changing my thought process and approach to leadership. Now we are setting clear and practical goals the team is more motivated, more engaged and we are achieving more.”

Paul Sclater

Regional Director, Plumbase, Scotland

“Before attending my first Leadership session with Stuart Baldwin, I thought this was "just another course", but now that I have attended three separate sessions, I have a completely different mindset. I have learned so much about how great leaders can truly inspire and lead their teams, but also about where I am as a person, what the priorities really are in life and work and how I can really develop into a great leader. Stuart inspires, has a great energy about him, but is also great at not over complicating things.”

Luke Smith

Regional Manager, Plumbase

“Live Big has helped me develop on both a personal and professional level, I would highly recommend it to any business that wants motivated, happy and engaged people.”

Andy Hirst

Regional Director, Plumbase

“I drove home with a massive smile on my face - what a fantastic couple of days!! Live Big gives you both the opportunity, and the belief, to play with the ideas of the 6 powers. Never before, have I had training which has impacted on both my personal, and work life, in such a positive way. This training will make you smile - guaranteed.”

Anne Harrison

Branch Director, AXA

“I can’t fully comprehend how much I have changed, the team and the branch has changed since we started working with you – I love this stuff. My own personal growth inspires and fascinates me more each day the more I learn, even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable. Being a better person is hugely fulfilling. Thank you Stuart for coming in our lives and making us all better people – there can’t be much that is a more rewarding role in life. You are certainly meeting your goal of touching as many as people as possible and making them happier/engaged with life.”

Stuart Ballantyne

Director, I Love Claims Ltd.

“Stuart is quite simply the best I have seen in this field and, not coincidentally, is also a thoroughly nice guy and a pleasure to work with. He rated 4.5 out of 5 with over 1000 people - off the scale in real terms.”

Tariq Rafiq

Marketing Insights Analyst, Grafton Merchanting GB

“On behalf of the team, I just wanted to thank you again for an eye-opening and practical course that was a revelation for many of us in terms of how to ‘see’ things. I feel we have been let into a few secrets and given tools we can all use in our day-to-day lives, professionally and personally (I already have used a few of them with great results).”

Daniel Mansfield

Regional Manager, Plumbase

“I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I have found the last 3 days invaluable. I could not help but ramble on to my wife last night and show her some of the tools we learned. The optimism tool allowed me to see some of my challenges for what they really are. The gratitude rock is working. The visualisation exercise and the skill to tame our minds and emotion is awesome.”

Duncan Pagan

Managing Director, Bluefin

“Thank you for creating and facilitating another incredible event. The feedback has been outstanding. You bring a discipline and focus that helps us land our messages, engage our people, have fun and look great doing it.”

William Bradley

Owner, Homecare Services

“Great event. Feeling inspired now, thank you Stuart Baldwin.”

Graham Shord

FM Head, Meldrums

“A really inspiring and fantastic two days shared with a great and talented group of people. Highly recommended.”

Stevie Prater

Owner, Prater Contracts

“Thanks for the last two days and our chat on the way to the airport. I will introduce this to my team next week and work to become a great coach.”

Derek Warrington

Owner, Warrington Property Maintenance

“You have shown me that: The only boundaries that I have are the ones that are set by myself.”

How Live BIG Helps

How Live BIG Helps

How Live BIG Helps

How Live BIG Helps