“To connect with an audience and be given the opportunity to persuade and inspire with your ideas is a huge privilege and an even bigger responsibility:  To create energy and move people emotionally.  To entertain and deliver a memorable experience.  To teach people something relevant and resonant…  And for me, perhaps most importantly. The responsibility to share with people ideas that might, in some small way, change their lives and the lives of those they lead for the better.”

– Stuart Baldwin, Creator, Live BIG®.


“Stuart is a captivating keynote speaker. His content is powerful, but the energy, interactivity and authenticity are what really grip and inspire people. Having spent 15 years in broadcasting leading teams to produce live output he has an intuitive sense of what creates a truly memorable audience experience. With a mixture of big ideas, practical tools, stories, video and interactivity, he weaves the principles of Live BIG into a journey that will engage, excite and enthuse an audience.”

– Matt Bolton, best friend and keynote speaker.


“Stuart is geekily obsessed with giving audiences an experience. ‘The brain can only consume what the ass can endure’… right? And Stuart knows that to give people the best possible chance of engaging with and using the ideas he shares, they have to stay captivated and viscerally experience it. We see audiences leave Stuart’s sessions time after time, energised and inspired with practical actions they are committed to taking to work better and live bigger.”

– Sian Parker-Martin, Producer, Live BIG®.

Speaking Topics

Great Leaders Change Lives

What drives engagement? Why outdated leadership models are badly failing modern organisations? And how to lead people to love work?

Live BIG

How to do more, be great, love work and realise your full potential.