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3 days of…
Learning, coaching and personal planning…
Blended with nature, nutrition, mindfulness and activity…
Set on a beach in the beautiful Gower peninsula.

Gower Peninsula


The Live BIG® LIFE Retreat helps you develop the mindset and strategies to live the life you want and love it.

Over the last 10 plus years of helping leaders be awesome at work, I’m constantly asked if we could run something that was focused on life. Something partners, friends or family could also attend. Something where we could work on growing health, happiness and achievement for ourselves, our families or our business ventures. So we created the Live BIG Life Retreat.

This event is for anyone who believes they are capable of more than they are realising. That you can squeeze more joy, fulfilment and achievement out of life. And be the ‘you’ you were born to be.

The retreat will empower you to find purpose, set goals, create strategy, develop mindset, clear limiting beliefs, shift blockages, and build the health, wellbeing and energy you need to experience the life you want.

It’s 3 days on the beautiful Gower coastline in South Wales. With incredible like-minded supportive people. To help you realise your potential for happiness and success. To free you to Live BIG.

We love this event and absolutely know how powerful it is for people. Everyone who has taken part in the past has had a fantastic experience and brilliant results. So, we are really happy to offer a full refund if you don’t totally love it and aren’t 100% satisfied.

** NOTE – This experience is also available for company teams.



What’s your most important goal for the year? Have you taken the first steps towards it yet?

Let me phrase that another way:

How do you want your life to look at the end of the year? Or in three or even ten years’ time?

Live BIG® is our obsessive belief that you have a tonne of capability just waiting to be let out. That you can be happier. Get more stuff done. And be the you, you were born to be. Not just that – but you can empower others to do the same.

But… As human beings we get in our own way, we make life harder for ourselves than it needs to be, we deny ourselves the happiness and achievement we are capable of:

  • Are there things you worry about that turn out not to happen?
  • Are there things you want or challenges you have, you don’t have plans for?  Or fail to take action on?
  • Are there things you believe, or stories you tell yourself that hold you back?

Our ability to Live BIG® is driven by the quality of our mindset and our strategies. It’s a way of thinking and being that stops us playing small. So across the retreat we will explore 6 Powers that together help you develop the way you think, feel and act. Simple skills to be great, do more, love work, love life and realise your full potential.

This is the Live BIG Life Retreat – a weekend of powerful teaching, incredible nature and inspiring company.


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What Happens on the retreat?

Retreat activities


  • LEARNING – Exploring the 6 Powers gives us the opportunity to learn and grow – developing how we think, feel and act.
  • PLANNING – Using the Tools to create strategy for ourselves, our families, or our business – enables us to build plans we believe in and will act on.
  • HEALTH – Blending those strategies and mindsets with activities to develop our health and well being – gives us the energy for an amazing life.
  • NATURE – Connecting with nature in a beautiful, costal environment – deepens our experience and helps us think bigger and braver.
  • EXPERIENCE – Stretching ourselves with new experiences empowers and excites us – changing our belief about what’s possible in our lives.

Typically this retreat cost is £895.

We talk to everyone who applies for before accepting you to make sure you’re a fit and can get the most out of it.

Having run this experience multiple times we are are 100% confident that for those who get accepted, it is a powerful, often life-changing experience (check out the testimonials).

… so if you don’t love it and get a tonne from it – we will give you your money back.

‘The best investment you will ever make is in yourself’

– Warren Buffett, billionaire investor and philanthropist.

When we invest in ourselves it fuels our future and our happiness. It opens up new possibilities that might have never been available to us otherwise. It changes our potential. So if this feels like it could be for you, I encourage you to dive deeply into the videos and materials here (or contact us for more) to build your confidence this is right for you, then… go for it. It would be amazing to see you and support you in Wales this summer.

What’s included?

Before the retreat:

  • Preparation group call
  • Preparation materials and exercises

During the retreat:

  • All teaching, materials and workbooks.
  • All activities like yoga, paddle boarding and beach fire.
  • Healthy lunch and snacks each day.
  • Freshly made green juices every day.

After the retreat:

  • A personal coaching call to help you take action and get past blockages.
  • A dedicated learning website.
  • Two make it stick emails a week for 3 months with tips, videos  and reminders.
  • Take away materials, books and ebooks.
  • Action groups to support and encourage each other

What’s not included?

Accommodation, transport, breakfast and dinners.


You can secure your place with a £200 deposit (non-refundable, full amount payable 2 months before the retreat) or pay the full amount now if you wish.

Money is a healthy reality of our lives. But we don’t like money to get in the way of people attending this event who really want to and are really ready, but have financial circumstances that make it significantly challenging. So if that’s you, let us know and we will do what we can to help.

We also love it when couples or family come together, but know this can sometimes be a burden on a household income – so again we can help out a little if you’re booking for two.


LEARN – Explore our potential to do more, go further and enjoy an even richer experience of life. How our strategies and mindset drive our success and happiness.
DO – Gain good, clear understanding of where you are now. The great things and the areas you want to develop.



LEARN – Deep and lasting motivation comes from within, when we are able to take action every day in line with something we care about.
DO – Develop a clear and compelling vision of the best version of you and the life you want.



LEARN – We live in a complicated world. Our challenge is to create simplicity from this confusion.
DO – Create simple goals (short, medium and long term) you are excited to reach – in line with your Purpose.



LEARN – It’s not the events that happen to us that define our happiness and success, but how we interpret them.
DO – Develop the mindset skills to worry less and create more resilience, lightness and happiness.



LEARN – We tend to get stuck and make things harder than they need to be. Action teaches a way to get un-stuck. To ask ourselves high quality empowering questions.
DO – Make robust and clear plans you’re excited to act on to reach your goals.



LEARN – How we behave is driven by how we feel. How we feel is driven by how we think. When learn to tame our stories, our world changes.
DO – Develop mindset and strategy to quieten the mind, get past limiting beliefs and replace unhelpful thoughts.

LEARN – Explore how hydration, nutrition, movement and rest drive our ability to show up energised and shining each day.
DO – Make a plan to improve your physical health, wellness and energy.


Retreat activities


  • Walks on the cliff paths and beach, often while coaching, or building personal plans.
  • Group outdoor activities. Stand-up Paddle boarding, walks or similar (conditions and group depending), guided by expert instructors.
  • Learning time set in beautiful natural surroundings.
  • Evening beach fire, to burn limiting beliefs.


  • Yoga class to give us the experience of connecting to our body, quietening our mind and taming our thoughts.
  • Breathing and body scan meditations to quiet the mind and reach deeper states of relaxation.


  • Learning and discussion on the health and energy benefits of juicing and other nutrition options.
  • Green juices freshly prepared across the retreat. Lunches and snacks all healthy, energising and nutritionally planned.
  • Nutritious and beautiful vegan lunches with a brief talk on the benefits and preparation.


Across the retreat multiple small experiences that stretch us, time in nature, and activity to quieten our mind – sets us ‘bubbling’… So that when we explore our most effective strategies, work on our mindset and start to build our plans – our insights and shifts are deeper, more real and more profound.

The Live BIG Life Retreat is built from the ‘self’ part of the Live BIG leadership practice. To understand the work more fully, explore the content on the Live BIG website.

The Live Big Life Retreat will be held in an inspirational setting on the stunning Gower Peninsula, which is just past Swansea in South Wales. Easily accessible by major road (the M4) and main line rail links.

The Gower was the first area of outstanding natural beauty designated in the UK back in 1965, and it’s a special place. Depending on the group size we will be in Langland bay (just next to the Mumbles) or a little way into the Gower.


The Gower Peninsula


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