The Power of Un-plugging

First published on 15th November 2018

We have as much stimulation, as much stuff thrown at us in one day of our modern lives as we would’ve done in an entire lifetime in the 15th century!!! And obviously, our brains have not evolved as fast as our society. So it’s natural sometimes that we feel overwhelmed. That the constant thinking and doing, takes a toll on our mental and emotional state. And on our performance.

When was the last time you went for a day without speaking, listening to anything, watching TV or any other kind of external stimulus? 

It’s interesting what happens to our sense of happiness, peace and connection when we allow the brain to slow down from our normal continuous daily over stimulation and over thinking. When we pause the clawing compulsion to check our phone, to do something, to think something. When we allow ourselves to ‘just be’ for a moment – we access a deeper, stiller state, where we are more creative, think clearer and connect with others better. 

I’ve just completed my first, brief, silent retreat at the Self Realisation Fellowship in Encinitas, California. In this video, I reflect on how long it took me to get around to doing this. How small my first attempt was. How my experience was – and I pose a question for you. 

Is it possible you could give yourself a short period of time where you are in silence? Unplug from the world. Leave your phone off in a drawer. No talking, watching TV, or any other kind of distraction or stimulation… Scary or exciting? 

In many ways, it’s the antidote the human brain needs to the overstimulation of modern life. Could you try – For 10 minutes? For one hour? For one day? Just try something, and see what you observe about yourself, what happens with your thoughts, and how you feel. 

From the Live BIG leadership practice, this idea has its roots in the Energy power, where we teach how what we think drives how we feel, and how we feel drives how we behave. It is only by quieting our mind that we can observe what thoughts, beliefs and emotions are driving us. For leaders, this gives us the opportunity to show up shiny – as the best version of ourselves. And, to coach mindset and emotional state in others. Explore the Energy power more at