Finding Your North Star

First published on 19th April 2017

Last week I helped a client create and lead a really powerful event for their team. I loved it because they are open and risk taking and really fun to work with, but more because the event was about engaging their whole team behind a meaningful Purpose.

They had done the work, knew how to articulate the difference they wanted to make in the world and then started the process of bringing everybody else in to that conversation to make it real and personal for them.

This Why! behind what they do will really drive customers emotional connection to the business and peoples emotional connection to where they work. There is no stronger motivation than a clear sense of Purpose.

Historically, we navigated by the stars. We could look to the sky, see the North Star and know we were heading in the right direction. It was not a goal or somewhere to reach, just something that set our direction of travel. This is what we need for our work and lives, a story of the future that drives our decisions and actions.

Deep and lasting motivation comes from within, when we are able to take action every day in line with something we care about. There is no stronger motivation than a clear sense of purpose – a ‘why’ behind what we do.

In the Powers of Engagement, the Purpose Power teaches us to build this intrinsic motivation. To create a clear North Star for ourselves, our teams and our companies.

When people don’t just do what they do, but believe strongly in what they and their company stands for, work no longer feels like work. Its more meaningful, more fulfilling and more engaging.