Is team building as we knew it dead?

First published on 2nd December 2018

Is team building as we knew it dead? Team building has a pretty bad name – as it rightly should. All those cheesy 1990s games might be fun for some – but they do very little to actually help you:
– Understand yourself and your impact, and understand your colleagues on a deeply human level.
– Have big discussions, make big decisions and come together behind a shared idea you’re excited in.
… Which is what teams (especially senior teams) actually need to in order to bond, grow and create energy.

Over the last few years, we’ve really learned some lessons and had some incredible success running some of our leadership programmes in a retreat format. We rent a big house and the teams live together, work together, eat and do activities together in a setting that is totally human and non-corporate.

We cut this 60-second video to give you a window into a couple of retreats we ran recently with the directors’ teams of Plumbase Industrial, The Claims Consortium Group and TG Lynes.



Whether it’s to access our Live Big leadership training. To have us facilitate a big strategy conversation. To help you come together as a team. Or just to escape the office for a better quality discussion – I encourage you to look for a way to make some kind of retreat space happen for your team.

If you have any questions about what we’ve learned and what works – give me a shout.