Happy People = Happy Customers

First published on 21st May 2017

One of my favourite things about the work I do is the opportunity it gives me to get to deeply know the companies I work with. I love learning what drives them – what their aspirations are and how they plan to achieve them. And I’m grateful for the chance to help them do this.

I was recently invited to participate in Accenture’s think tank event in Paris. We were discussing new ways to improve customer experience in the Insurance industry. There was some serious creativity in action here – some fascinating ideas around integrating new innovations into their existing models. The possibilities stemming from new technologies are just mind-blowing.

No question about it. All this is great.  The easier and more enjoyable we can make it for our customers to use our services the better. After all, our success is driven to a huge extent by the emotional connection that our customers have with our companies. Anything we can do to improve this, be it through integrating new technologies, improving design or giving customers a novel experience is brilliant.

But it’s important we remember one thing.

As I was travelling home from the pre-event session in London I recorded a few thoughts about about what that is, and the most powerful way companies of any size can strengthen the bonds between them and their customers.