Going further and deeper… faster.

First published on 17th October 2019




Retreats are awesome!!! We ran a bunch this summer and once again found we could develop teams, make big plans, create stretch, learn more, and build memorable adventures together, so much more richly than in other settings. Getting in a different space, and doing different things, fuels us to see the world a different way… to see what we, our teams and our businesses are truly capable of. 

We can do anything on retreat – but some of the things we often do are:

  • Leadership training 
  • Personal growth and mindset development  
  • Reflect, think and discuss
  • Vision, strategy and planning 
  • Yoga, breathing and mindfulness 
  • Walks in beautiful nature 
  • Paddle-Boarding  
  • Nutrition and health experts 
  • Vegan chefs 
  • Cook and eat together 
  • Foraging 
  • Sea swimming 

Some of the things people love about this experience are:

The feeling of freedom within our team, to express yourself and speak your mind whilst not being judged, allowing us to grow individually, and collectively – It’s so hugely liberating!

 – Andrew Ingram – General Manager – TGLynes Ltd 

I found the combination of re-examining the long and shorter-term goals of my team and our businesses using these remarkable Live BIG tools, and the chance to re-examine my own needs and well-being, incredibly rewarding.

 – Jon Player – Finance Director – TGLynes / Plumbase Industrial 

I loved being able to do and say what I liked without having to ‘corporately dress it up’ Just a group of us getting on with work, play and life – all at the same time – no inhibitions, no right, no wrong – just living in the moment. Trying different stuff, just for the sake of it. Stretching the mind to different levels of consciousness and finding peace. Tasting and appreciating new healthy foods.

 – Bob Jarvis – Business Development Director – TGLynes / Plumbase Industrial 

The more training and retreats we do – my feelings and love for this ‘club’ gets stronger, it creates a belief I didn’t know existed 🙂 

  • Joe Kane – Sales Director – TGLynes Ltd 

I got a huge amount out of the time we spent on our North Star, the discussion that got us there was even more powerful than the finished document. And I loved that we are lucky enough to do this in nice surroundings and do something different while we were working rather than just sitting in a meeting room.

 – Martin Bull | Commercial Director | TG Lynes | Plumbase Industrial

Huge thanks to the leadership team at TG Lynes and Plumbase Industrial for fully diving in.