Live Big helps us to stop playing small. To squeeze the joy out of every day, love work love life and go beyond what we thought was possible.

No longer worry about all the things that turn out not to happen anyway.

Have clear, punchy, motivating goals, in line with things we are great at, love and move the dial.

Be wide open in our thinking and able to see new possibilities easily.

Take action every day in line with something we deeply care about.

Feel empowered, with great plans to make things happen and handle any challenge.

Manage the stories in our mind, and show up every day shining.

Live Big teaches leaders to coach their people to develop the mindset and skills, which result in deep engagement.

Coach others to stop wasting time whinging and focus constructively on what they want.

Coach others to keep their attention on a small number of the most powerful goals at any one time.

Coach others to get past their fixed thinking and fear of being wrong to explore new possibilities.

Coach others find the why behind what they do and access deeply personal intrinsic motivation.

Coach (rather than tell) others with great questions to create their own empowering path from problem to plan.

Coach others to manage their mindset and emotions. To be the best version of themselves.

Live Big teaches leaders to build teams that work, laugh and challenge together with energy, passion and commitment.

Stop talking about the things they can’t control and put their attention on what they want.

Create and focus on a small number of shared goals they would run through walls for.

Laugh, play and build ideas together, inspired by each others bravery to explore new paths.

Build a shared sense of purpose which sets direction of travel and guides decisions.

Come together in energising conversations to create plans to achieve anything they want.

Develop a strong collective mindset, taking away stress and energising each other every day.

Watch the guys from the Claims Consortium group, at the end of a 2 year program, talk about how Live BIG has helped them develop as leaders and people.





Let’s Look at the Data

Organisations that care for their people and put them first achieve more, stand out and change their little bit of the world. And the single biggest thing that drives how people feel at work… is how they are led by their direct line manager.


Studies show that…

People who are engaged at work are over 40% more productive. Yet in the average company, only 1 in 5 employees are fully engaged. There is clearly an engagement gap, and it’s costing our companies money, time and impact. Imagine if 80% people in your team were 40% more productive. 

An engaged employee is:

76 Percent

People who love work are 76% better at meeting customer needs

78 Percent

People who love work ar 78% better at solving problems

87 Percent

People who love work are 87% happier in life


Up 40 Percent

Organisations with high engagement are 40% more profitable

When people are engaged at work they are 43% more productive

(source Gallup & CIPD)


What the world is telling us, is that when people love work… they add more value everywhere.